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But what does the garlic?

The Garlic and the immune system

The Garlic and its properties

The Garlic and its medicinal properties, cultivation, all types of garlic, recipes, benefits, AIDS and garlic, garlic and cancer, solve the problem of the all'aglio; circulation and hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infections, candida and fungal high and much more in a book truly complete!

The raw garlic is not for everyone. More than one clove of raw garlic per day may cause irritation to the intestinal walls and eating too much raw garlic for long periods of time can damage blood cells and cause anemia. Moderation is the key to everything. Currently you can find in natural foods stores various products based on raw garlic without the irritating chemicals, while retaining the beneficial and therapeutic properties.
Many medicinal uses are attributed all'aglio. It has been said that can prevent colds, influenza, tuberculosis, bronchitis, boils, tumors and skin diseases. It seems reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. All'aglio is also assigned the property in order to strengthen the natural immune system. Although some of these stories sull'aglio have revealed only the legends, researchers are discovering that the reputation of garlic Medicinally is greater than it seems.
The immune system has a specific function to protect us from disease and has been shown that garlic is able to stimulate immune function. The immune system is part of a broader defense, including the skin, which prevents many harmful substances and organisms to enter, tears, saliva and sweat, which contain chemicals that can destroy some bacteria and microbes; mucous membrane shielding the interior walls of the body toxins and germs.
Including tonsils, adenoids, spleen, appendix and thymic gland is part of the immune system, together with a host of white blood cells consist of different types of cells that attack and destroy foreign bodies and bacteria. A type of white blood cells, B lymphocytes, can be converted into cells that produce antibodies, the only organisms that destroy the human body and eliminate the virus.
One of the most important equipment of the immune system is the lymphatic system, a network of thin vessels and nodes that extends throughout the body and through which passes a liquid called lymph, which carries bacteria and other substances harmful to the lymph nodes for destruction. During an infection, the lymph nodes may appear enlarged and painful, especially in the throat under the jaw and nell'inguine.
The lymphatic vessels follow the blood vessels in the body, forming a parallel system.
Unlike the system of blood circulation, the lymphatic system does not have the heart to pump blood through the vessels, but receives the impulse from the muscle contractions during ol'attività physical exercise and breathing. White blood cells patrol the blood and lymph in an attempt to destroy any foreign particles and bacteria they encounter.
Do not cut the cord
The white blood cells, including neutrophils, monocytes and lymphocytes, are the immune system. It is a miraculous system of millions of white blood cells which protect us from attack tissues, bacteria and other microorganisms numerous strangers who invade the human body.
Wonder, but not surprised, if the body receives a "family" of different cells, such as white blood cells, derived from a cell called the main stem cell that is found primarily in bone marrow.
In 1987 Dr. Harold Broxmeyer was able to demonstrate that stem cells are present in abundance in the blood within the umbilical cords of newborns. The amount of blood is usually less than 3 dl, but it was enough to save the life of a child. A young child suffering from a degeneration of bone marrow is saved by a transfusion of this small amount of blood obtained from umbilical cord of his newly born sister. The new stem cells began to grow within the bones of the child, apparently by producing new bone marrow. After about a year, the hematopoietic system was completely replaced.
This discovery has obviously far-reaching implications for many diseases. Underlines once again the wisdom of Midwives "non-scientific" when insisted to cut the umbilical cord until it had stopped beating.

Remember the thymic gland!
Remember, not long ago when the scientific community and that of physicians told us that the thymic gland is not used much in adults? Remember those operators doctors "not science" that had left the cartel of pharmaceutical companies and were mocked when dared to distance themselves from this dogma? The truth always wins! Today, we know that an immature immune system cells that normally produce any tissue of the stick if it were not for the action of the thymic gland. It is in the thymus that the immune system learns to recognize the harmful cells, cells to distinguish between useful and useless. Researchers are beginning to realize that the thymic gland, for life, secerne called Timosine thymic hormones that directly influence the individual capacity to combat the disease.
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes
Lymphocytes, or white blood cells can be differentiated, as well as other features, according to the origin and function. Lymphocytes derived from bone marrow are called B lymphocytes, while those that come from the thymus are called T lymphocytes The more aggressive white blood cells called lymphocytes are cytotoxic T lymphocytes or T "killer". Their main function is to consider the other cells for signs of abnormal and destroy them with the appropriate enzymes. Since taking part in this incredible work of immunological surveillance of the immune system, not only found the foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria, but also found and destroy malignant cells such as cancer.
On the horizon: the cleaners
The macrophages are a type of white blood cells that go in search of toxic substances in the body for elimination. Even their friends, the B lymphocytes (white blood cells that are formed in the bone marrow), ingest toxic molecules.
The macrophages cooperate with other active cells of the immune system such as B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes to generate antibodies, the only components of the immune system can capture and destroy the virus. Viruses are among the most dangerous particles that enter the human body. Antibiotics do not harm them and there is no drug that can destroy the virus without harming the body. It has been shown, however, that garlic is a potent stimulator of the immune system. Although the immunological effects of garlic are not yet fully known, it seems to act as a stimulator of the immune system aspecific. Increases phagocytosis through which the invading organisms and abnormal cells are eliminated by the body.
It also produces a sharp increase in activity of the cells "natural killer" and this explains in part the effects of anticancer, antiviral and antimicrobial.
Simplicity is an art
I have given you the basics of the immune system. But I know people who read these pages in search of answers to health problems that are important to them. Research sull'aglio has just taken the first steps and I think there's much more to learn, much more than garlic can do but we do not yet realize this.
You do not need to know everything sull'aglio to use it to improve our health. You have nothing to lose to consume garlic every day to protect your health and enhance your well-being.
Health is simple. Let us not make it too complicated. Learn the art of simplicity in everything we do. Always be researchers, students. Learn the basics and then, with joy, make the right choices to lengthen your life to the service of God and your like.
Sometimes we focus too much on the physical side of health. We must take care of the physical side but I have learned that the mind and body leads follows. Develop a positive attitude and cheerful, and you will be happy to have done.

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